[Update] What's TIR Coin System?

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Date: 15.01.2014 | 
  1. Dear Mercenaries,

    You may have heard about the TIR Coin System, but how does it work?

    What are TIR Coins?

    TIR Coins can be used to safely convert your NX Cash into gold, or your gold to NX items. With the TIR Coin System, there is no longer a need to buy gold through a third party.

    The TIR Coin System has been created to help players buy Nexon Cash Items without directly needing to use Nexon Cash (NX). In addition to that, it will help users convert their existing Nexon Cash (NX) to Gold more efficiently without the trouble of buying an item first, then reselling it on the market and having to check the demand for each item separately.
    You will now be able to directly buy TIR Coins in the Nexon Cash (NX) Depot and list them in the marketplace.

    The rates between TIR Coins and gold are decided by the users through the marketplace.

    How to obtain TIR Coins?

    Tir Coins can be obtained in 4 different methods:
    - Bought in the NX Depot
    - Bought from the Marketplace
    - From the lvl 7 and lvl 20 Level up Gift boxes, 3 Tutorial TIR Coins each.
    More information about the Tutorial TIR Coins can be found here.

    How do I convert my NX Cash to gold?

    In the NX Depot, you can find the following item:

    You can buy these Tir Coins at the rate of 1 NX = 1 Tir Coin.

    Once you have purchased some Tir Coins, they will appear in your Temporary NX Inventory. You need to right click them to take them out and be able to use them. Afterwards, they will be shown under your Character Info in the Depot. Just like NX Cash, it will not be shown physically in your inventory.

    However, unlike NX Cash, you are able to list the TIR Coins on the Marketplace through the tab List Tir Coins.

    Here you can set your desired price and listing time.

    Once you have successfully listed your TIR Coins, they can be bought by other players, and you will receive the gold in your mailbox once they have been sold.

    How do I convert my gold to NX items?

    You can buy TIR Coins from the Marketplace, just like any other item:

    However, instead of appearing in your inventory, the Tir Coins will appear under your Character Info in the NX Depot:

    You can now use these Tir Coins to buy items from the NX Depot and Avatar Shop, by ticking "Tir Coin" as payment method.

    Items bought with TIR Coins cannot be gifted or traded.

    Tir Coin restrictions

    The difference between the Tir Coins and real NX Cash is that a few items cannot be purchased with Tir Coins:

    Note: This list is subject to change.

    TIR coins can be used for all other items including Beauty-shop and Avatar items.

    Furthermore, Tir Coins work just like NX Credit. This means that they have the same restrictions as NX Credit, which include but are not limited to:
    - Cannot be used to gift items through the Depot
    - Cannot be used to buy guild storage or guild expansion
    This can only be done with NX Prepaid.

    Note: We reserve the right to make additional changes according the availability of Cash Item in regards of TIR Coins without a long term pre-announcement in case we have to secure the integrity of the service.

    Best regards,
    - Vindictus Europe Team -